How it all began...

It all began with an old photo of a street in Praga-Północ, my favourite district in Warsaw. This is the photo:



I cut out the lady. And I needed to add sth to her. I decided to give her fish. I don’t know why, I just love fish. And I thought she will be happy with my choice!




I do collage but I also began my journey with linocut. So I decided to do the linocut with my granny.

BABA na stronę

I put her on Social Media and…. WOW! People started to give her hundreds of likes! Since then she has an amazing life! She has been tattoed, painted on a restaurants’ walls…  And she has many many plans… Sometimes I think that granny is me or I am granny…

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If you want a print just write me a message:


Each print is made on a beautiful acid free cotton paper and it is A4 size.

Please respect my work and don’t steal the granny with fish. Ask for permission.